Phase 1

Actual State of the project

The new colorful toolkit used for this phase

We are running a pilot with a new toolkit, developed together with Pepe Hiller Toy designer, supported by the Gebert Ruef Stiftung foundation and by UBS bank with the involvement of local kindergartens in the project.

Presently we have proofed that data collected with the tool-kit can have a clinical interpretation that makes sense and it is relevant from a social and clinical point of view. We are currently running the core phase of the project; the first results are expected in a one-year time.

Future Development

We are getting ready for the second phase of the project, to develop an accurate AutoPlay methodology with a national level data collection, and a more reliable toolkit. We are actually looking for new collaborations and sponsorships.


Agnola Tommaso, Assistant, DTI
Barberis Olmo, Assistant, DTI
Bernaschina Sandra, Informatics, DTI-ISIN
Bernaschina Andrea, Circuitry Design, DTI-ISEA
D'Apuzzo Vincenzo, Pediatric Advisor, CPM
Favre Nicolas, Assistant, DTI
Gerber Ramona, Measurements Coordinator and Advisor, Culla Baby Star
Giambini Elena, Measurements Coordinator and Advisor, SUPSInido
Hiller Pepe, Second Prototype Designer and Producer
Lorenzetti Clarissa, Educator, SUPSInido
Mariotti-Nesurini Alice, Assistant, DTI
Moreira Claudia, Assistant, DEASS
Parravicini Elena, Educator, Culla Baby Star
Pavic Ivan, Assistant, DTI
Puiatti Alessandro, Scientific Advisor, DTI-ISIN
Puiatti Pietro, Assistant, DTI
Ramelli Gian Paolo, Steering Committee, EOC Bellinzona
ThommenEvelyne, Steering Committee, HES-SO