Phase 0

Feasibility Study (SUPSI, 2015-2016)

toolkit prototype
Toolkit prototype used during the feasibility study

A one year feasibility study (May 2015-June 2016) has been conducted, with SUPSI internal funding, in collaboration with the Centro Pediatrico del Medrisiotto. During the feasibility study we developed a toolkit prototype and we conducted a 5 months pilot study with 5 families. Thanks to this initial study we have shown that it is possible to collect valuable information.

With this project we foster an innovative multidisciplinary approach, designing a practical toolset that gives an objective interpretation of the collected data, from a social and clinical standpoint.
We instrumented classical toys (exploratory, sensory-motor and functional classes of play), embedding them with sensor nodes. These are then used to collect data while infants play in a context-free environment.


Agustoni Stefania, Researcher, DEASS
Balerna Chiara, Researcher, DACD
Barberis Olmo, Assistant, DTI
D'Apuzzo Vincenzo, Pediatric Advisor, CPM
Giordano Silvia, Researcher, DTI-ISIN
Giulivi Sara, Researcher, DFA
Massa Laura, Researcher, DACD
Ponti Raffaele, First Prototype Designer and Producer, DTI-CIM
Puiatti Alessandro, Scientific Advisor, DTI-ISIN
Righi Flavio, Assistant, DTI
Thommen Evelyne, Steering Committee, HESSO